Blood Red Saints – Undisputed

Undisputed album cover art

Blood Red Saints – Undisputed
Frontiers Music srl
Release Date: 06/08/2021
Running Time: 48:30
Review By Mark Pritchard

For over a month now, while I have been under the weather, and the weather outside has been changeable at best, the one thing that has been a constant is my listening to “Undisputed”, the most recent album by Britain’s own Melodic Rock band Blood Red Saints. Recently, I went to London to meet up with a friend and on both the long train journey there, and back, this album was soothing to listen to and helpful to pass the travel time. So, who are Blood Red Saints, and what’s this album like? Well, let’s find out.

Blood Red Saints were founded back in late 2014 and hail from the U.K. city of Manchester. “Undisputed” is the band’s 4th album release with “Speedway”, “Love Hate Conspiracies” & “Pulse” being released in 2015, 2017 & 2019 respectively. Alongside the Melodic Rock sounds, there’s also a large dose of Heavy Metal, Pop-Metal and Hard Rock, that make up Blood Red Saints sound. Personally, to me, they have a sound similar to that of Bon Jovi, and Whitesnake, with a little Aerosmith.

“Undisputed” is a calmer laid back album in comparison to other albums I have reviewed over the last few months. It’s one of those albums you can sit back and relax with. I will be honest and say this album isn’t too bad, but with sounding so similar to the bands I mentioned before it isn’t mind-blowing. Don’t get me wrong, the songs are alright, but when I listen and instantly think how much a song sounds like another band, it takes something away from the work Blood Red Stains put into the album themselves.

With all the time I have had while listening to this album, gradually a single song stood out more and more to me, that I did really like listening to. This was track 6, “Karma”. While it reminds me quite a bit of Whitesnake, it’s a very easy listening song, that can be listened to in any situation. This was an enjoyable album. Not ground-breaking, but definitely worth a listen. 

01. This Ain’t A Love Song
02. Love Like War
03. Heaven In The Headlights
04. Breathe Again
05. Caught In The Wreckage
06. Karma
07. Come Alive
08. Alibi
09. Undisputed
10. Complete
11. All I Wanna Do

Pete Godfrey – Vocals
Lee Revill – Guitars
Rob Naylor – Bass
Andy Chemney – Drums


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