Vision of Choice – Second Sight

Vision of Choice – Second Sight
Fencesound Music / ZOUNDR
Release Date: 17/02/23
Running Time: 45:40
Review by Laura Barnes

Everybody knows it’s a mistake to judge a book by its cover, and the same advice applies to albums. 

It’s not that the cover of “Second Sight” is bad, cuz it’s not – it’s badass as hell. It’s just that, looking at those navy blue skulls and extremely long fingernails, a part of me expected something super heavy, and more significantly, something very sorrow-laden. Vision of Choice certainly bring the heaviness, but their brand of melodic metal is anything but sorrowful. “Second Sight” is 45 minutes worth of upbeat, fist-pumping classic metal with glossy production. It’s a sound that is reminiscent of Judas Priest’s “Firepower”, as it takes all the raw components of NWOBHM and sprinkles in a tiny bit of the bombast and drama that we see in modern day power metal. Vision of Choice’s sound also owes a lot to vocalist Lukas Remus, whose low baritone voice lends their sound a hefty weight and distinctiveness. 

 “Second Sight” gets off to a decent start with ‘She Is Danger’, a song which, as you can guess from the title, could have easily fit in on a 1980s compilation. Like I said, it’s a decent start, but I feel it’s a little predictable and it isn’t until a little later in the album that Vision of Choice really find their feet and start to sprint. ‘High Roller’ really kicks things into gear with some infectious guitar work on the chorus and solo, but ‘Until The Night’ and ‘Ghost Chance’ are the clear standouts. ‘Until The Night’ demonstrates some epic songwriting and performance skills. Remus’ vocals on the chorus are cathartic and fucking glorious, and the guitars provide pure shreddage throughout. ‘Ghost Chance’ continues Vision of Choice’s winning streak, but wears completely different clothes. This track splashes about in pure hard rock joy and delivers lyrics that will definitely get stuck in your head after the first time round. ‘Heroes Home’ rounds the album out, providing a middle ground between Vision of Choice’s two different styles, a meaty chugger with lyrics that detail the exploits of a wandering hero.

“Second Sight” delivers a sound that, while not wholly original in content, stands proudly among its influences, unafraid to show off its glossy songwriting and gleeful solos. If you like your metal fast and melodic, or even just need a bit of an energy boost, then “Second Sight” will see you right.

01. She Is Danger
02. Eyes of Freedom
03. High Roller
04. Demonize
05. Until The Night
06. Ghost Chance
07. Fatal Delusion
08. To Zero
09. Hero’s Home
10. Forever the Heroes

Lukas Remus – Vocals
Steve Brockmann – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Ponch Satrio – Guitars


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